Board Of Directors

Luke Parthemer

Luke Parthemer


Luke Parthemer was born in Frankfort, Kansas and played football at Butler County Community College before going on to earn a Master’s Mechanical License. He worked in the HVAC industry for five years before going to work for Fenix in 2005 & becoming part owner in 2009.

He and his wife, Jamie, have six kids. Spending quality time with his wife and kids is of the utmost importance. When he’s not keeping up with all the various kids’ sporting events (football, basketball, baseball), Luke likes to hunt, fish, and pass the time with water sports.

Luke’s also a board member (and past president) of the Kansas Cooling Contractors Association, as well as a member of the Wichita Area Builders Association.

Kenneth Baty KCCA

Kenneth Baty

Vice President

Kenneth Baty has lived and worked in the Wichita for the past 17 yrs. Kenneth graduated from WTI at 35 years old. He has been attending general meetings at the KCCA since he was in school. After graduating, he was employed by one of the founding fathers of the KCCA working with Ray Frederick at Frederick’s Plumbing, Heating and Air. Kenneth then began working with Welch’s Heating and air who then merged as part of Reddi Industries.

Kenneth has always been deeply involved in the industry since he began. He has been a part of the Industry Advocacy Team for both WTI and WSU Tech. Now he is a part time instructor for WSU Tech helping to train future workers 3 evenings a week.

Kenneth and his wife Kristen have a combined 7 children…yes 7, 5 of which are still at home and working their way through middle and high school. As busy as they are with running kids to school, sporting events, debate and work, they still carve out time for themselves by playing cornhole. Kenneth is a proud supporter of “Bagging for Vets” as his main go to for tournaments and events.

Kenneth is a current board officer and past president for the KCCA and is looking forward to his next opportunity to do it again.


Ron McEwen


Ron McEwen has been with Kansas Cooling Contractors Association since 1991 but has been working in the HVAC industry since the 80s.

Ron originally hails from California but got his HVAC/R certification here at Wichita VoTech. Him and his wife Lisa have three grown daughters: a nurse, a banker, and a teacher. They also have three grandsons.

Ron has been active in the community, having been involved with the Wichita Wagonmasters for 10 years and promoting the good life in Wichita! Ron has quite the interesting ongoing adventure. Every year, he travels with a group of guys to Major League Baseball parks across the country. In 2022, they will hit their 27th park in Detroit!

Tom Tallon


Tom Tallon serves as Treasurer for KCCA, and has served in this position since August 2022. Tom has 34 years of experience in the HVAC industry and is the General Manager of Alpha Heating & Air.

Tom is originally from Fort Thomas, Kentucky and attended high school in Indiana. Tom was a Firefighter for 17 years in Indiana - a Lieutenant for 6 years and also a crew member of RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) who rescued trapped firefighters from fire scenes in distress.

Tom is quite the athlete. He was the only person to pitch 3 no hitters in softball in 1994 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the “B” Level of play. He played for team Mizuno and around the world in tournaments. Today, he occasionally plays Cornhole competitively.

Another interesting thing about Tom is that he is very involved in the USS Frank E Evans Association, a group dedicated to the 74 sailors who were lost in the Destroyer June 1969, including Tom’s father, Thomas F. Tallon.